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I have been working on several intake forms, which has been a learning experience in so many ways. With each new form, I learn more about what we need to know in order to help our clients. I have greatly benefited from not only making the forms but from also being able to see how we will be using the forms.

When I was starting each form, I did not know what the purpose of the form was going to be in the end. Each form had a topic but the purpose was something elusive. I began making each form without knowledge of whether I would be doing the task correctly or not. Instead, with each new form I hoped that I did what was asked of me to the best of my ability and understanding. During my review and creation of the forms I was always trying to keep in mind what we were going to use the form for and what was a necessary part of each form.

During each form I would always worry if I was making it correctly, and sometimes I would be nervous that I did not understand the reason I was making this specific form.

I think my feelings stemmed from my confusion at times about the purpose of each form. It was not that the form was not explained to me, it was because I lack the knowledge and background to know what is needed to start a clinic. Even though I have read a lot about the making of a Medical-Legal Partnership, the articles never list every form that is needed. The articles talk about how to handle clients and work with other professionals, not that you need an intake form, a medical release, a general release, a referral form and forms for each problem area. Not only was I not prepared to make them; I was not prepared to know how and when to use them.

The forms and basics of a clinic or any legal practice are not something that is exciting but I have come to realize that they are important. I want to learn how to use them. I hope to continue to grow by creating and using the forms. I think I learn a lot about what we are really doing in clinic with each new form. I hope to continue to learn how important each form is and the best way to use each form to benefit us, and the client. 

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